Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water manages and protects Melbourne's major water resources on behalf of the community.

Melbourne Water


Melbourne Water manages and protects Melbourne’s major water resources on behalf of the community. 


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Promoting all manner of compelling information about the waste treatment process aimed at primary school children.

What went on

This particular video focused on what is known as Pond 5 – a remarkable feat of engineering which is where the secondary treatment of sewage takes place.  

The video required us to take complex and often highly technical information and repackage it in a way that appealed to busy, fidgety and distractible Primary School students. 

We also introduced them to ‘The Poo Diver’, those poor souls whose job it is to repair any broken equipment on the Pond floor.  No individual on earth has ever needed a helmet as part of their work uniform more than these people. 

The scripts were brought to life by the delightful Amelia Moseley from the ABC’s Behind The News.

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