Mark Stevens

Writer | Communicator | Founder

Mark Stevens is an award-winning writer, author, trainer, communications
specialist and creative thinker. During his 25 years in media and
communications, this is the first time Mark has written about himself in the
third person.

Mark has worked with a number of global brands including Unilever, Cadbury,
NEC, Telstra, Etihad, Mitsubishi and Marks and Spencer.
His work has appeared on radio and television, in newspapers and
magazines, online, on billboards and bookshelves.

Before establishing his Communications business 3 Bongos in 2011, Mark
spent a dozen years as National Creative Director for Nova Entertainment, a
role which saw him lead a team of 50 Creative Writers and Sound Engineers
across Australia. During this time, Mark and his team pioneered the design of
a suite of Creative products for the world’s first low-inventory commercial radio

His work with Australian company NeuroInsights helped Mark gain a deeper
understanding of the impact of language on the minds of consumers,
specifically in the areas of Engagement and Memory Recall.

‘Working with NeuroInsights and seeing how language and words can change
the way a listener involuntarily receives or rejects a message simply reinforced
their power. It applies in all walks of life, from consumer messaging to
workplace interactions. A picture may paint a thousand words, but the impact
of well-chosen words is infinite’.

In addition to winning a Clio Award, a New York Festivals World Medal and
other media industry awards, Mark is the only person in radio to win the
coveted International Advertising Association Essay Scholarship.

A qualified trainer, Mark has delivered workshops on Creativity, Leadership,
Communication, Branding and Message Architecture on board cruise ships, in
Balinese villages, bowling alleys, boardrooms and computer screens.

Thank you for taking the Aerospace Concepts team through your Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving workshop. We all gained so much from the experience … and it was great to see you get the team interacting.

Shaun Wilson

Chief Executive Officer | Aerospace Concepts

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