Dewars Scotch

Dewars Scotch is.. well, it’s Dewars Scotch. It’s famous. Scottish. Been around since 1846. A global whisky powerhouse.

Dewars Scotch


Dewars Scotch is.. well, it’s Dewars Scotch.  It’s famous.  Scottish.  Been around since 1846.  A global whisky powerhouse.


TVC – Brand


3 Bongos was engaged to create a TV commercial featuring leading sports commentator Bill Woods during SBS’ coverage of the Tour De France.

What went on

No need to rabbit on about the process here.  Bill Woods is a very nice man and Dewars is a very nice drop. Put them together in a wingback chair, ask Bill to give it some panache and then place the ad during the Tour De France coverage – inevitably between long sweeping shots of French Villages and the Alps – and well, it’s hard to go too wrong. 

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